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Privacy Policy:    

The visitor’s privacy is important to Domainerific. Learn about our privacy statement that provides information about the personal information that we may collect when a user/visitor access our website, and the ways in which we may use that personal information.  user Full Name, Billing/Home Adress, Phone #, Personal Business, Paypal Email id, Domain Registrar and/or Customer Number/User id(s), Bank account information, State ID card/Driver’s License/Passport, Social Network Username (Facebook, twitter, google plus, Skype, etc) & visitor’s IP address Domainerific may use personal information to Administer our website, Personalize/customize website for you, direct communication to deal, Location and/or identity verification, Initiate payment, Authorize payment transactions, Create Domain  name, Create Logo etc.Domainerific has total rights to market, share, discuss, display, copy, distribute, print and publicize your purchased Domain Name(s) including Logo(s) on and other places unless you have notified after a purchase to request transaction privacy via non disclosure agreement or other agreement.

  • In order to prevent the misuse or alteration of visitors personal information and prevent the loss, Domainerific will necessary precautions.
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