Shahzad Bashir

Shahzad Bashir is the man behind. He started Domaining in 2012 from Flippa. Now He is a “VIP Member” of Top Domain buying Selling Forum “Namepros” with over 110 Sales and 100% Positive FeedbackHe poses a large portfolio with lots of Premium high quality domain names. is his 1st personal Domain store where the great domain names available for sale.

He runs a Top Freelance information blog for beginners and professional freelancers where he has written around 100 articles on difference niches and categories related to freelancing issues.

Shahzad is a professional WordPress desiner and developer as well with over 300 successful jobs record at (currently known as He showcases his portfolio and samples of his work at his personal website

If you like to discuss domains buying selling, add his skype id “shahzad.bashir333 to your skype.

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